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Low Storage Space MTK Android Device Fix

Today i will be show you a trick to increase app storage space on your MTK low end android devices without much of a stress rather to just follow the simple steps. Well this issue is usually common with low end MTK android devices because most of the phones are cheap, so they only provide a small installation memory.
   Ok let me tell you for those of you that don't know most of those low end MTK android phone will be showing low storage space while you have eight gigabyte memory card with a lot of spaces because those devices are designed to install apps on only the provided memory only. So just follow these below guide to fix that problem that will stop your from installing upto ten apps on your low end MTK android devices. Don't forget that this tutorial is for only MTK processor android devices only, not for other processor. Wondering how to know if you android device showing this error is an MTK device, here is how to know: Goto your phone settings, apps, all, then scoll to M and see if there is any name like MTK something, then your device is MTK and this trick can work for you.

Requirements Before Follow This Guide

  • Rooted Android Phone (Most Important) also read – How to Root Android Phone without Pc.
  • MTK Chipset Android Phone
  • HK Rom Editor app – download now, click here
  • This Guide will Formal All your Userdata, So Before follow this guide make sure you have done complete backup of your phone.

How To Increase App Storage In MTK Android Phones

At First, You need Rooted Android phone, if you are already rooted then you can proceed to next steps. else you should follow guide for root android phone, which is available above.

  • Now, Install & Open HK Rom Editor app in your Phone, Which you was downloaded from above link.
  • Now, Open HK Rom Editor app, It will ask you For Root Permissions, Just Click on Allow Button for Allow Root permission, it’s necessary because this app will not work without rooting your phone.
  • Here it will show you your Phone’s MTK Chipset Model name, Just Click on It & it will open a new panel.
  • It will show you All Memory Info about your Phone, How much Storage is available or not & some other System values.
  • Now, Choose How much storage you want, which will work as app Storage in your Phone. Remember that, it will decrease Amount from internal memory, which you Use for Place files, songs, movies etc & it will transfer space from storage to app memory.
  • After Select Memory of your Choice, Simply Tap on Apply Button
  • It will Start Processing your Request, & it will take some minutes to complete your Request. 
  • Now, In some time it will show you a another pop up, in which it will ask you to choose, if you want to reboot now or later, for settings to take place & remember that it will wipe all data of your phone. including all contacts, sms, apps etc. so better that you should backup your data first, before follow this Guide.
  • Now, Choose Reboot Recovery Button from the List. It will reboot your phone into recovery & wipe all data.
  • Then, it will automatically reboot your phone, Now Goto Settings – Apps. you will see that your App Storage memory have been increased successfully. 
how to fix not enough storage for mtk

 Make sure to follow all the steps and drop your testimony, or if you are having problem doing that or confuse just ask question, using the comment box and please don't forget to share with friends. 
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