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Top Fake Caller ID Apk For Android

This are the list of fake id apps for android that you can use to prank somebody with out revealing your main phone number to your call receiver, on android devices.

 Fake Caller ID
latest new top fake caller id android

 Fake Caller ID gives you 2 FREE calls a day with any Fake Caller ID you want. They are the  app that gives you 100% FREE calls to spoof caller id. You can also change your voice & record the call.
Want to prank a friend? Fake Caller ID. Your significant other not calling you back? Fake Caller ID. Need to call someone from your office number? Fake Caller ID allows you to change your number to any number you want - for FREE. Prank dial your friends from any number you want, they'll never now you're the one prank calling them.

Fake Caller ID is the ULTIMATE Prank Calling App!


  • WiFi Calling - Call using WiFi/Data
  • International Calling
  • Google Wallet
Coming soon: straight to voice mail

Caller ID Faker

   Caller ID Faker
You can now do what many consider to be impossible:

  • Make a prank call with a new caller ID
  • Be the ULTIMATE prankster among your friends
  • Make phone calls from the beach, but they think you are calling from your office phone
  • Get that person that is avoiding you to answer their phone
  • Become a super detective and use your super powers for good

Calling Papa - Fake Caller ID

   Calling Papa - Fake Caller ID

   Calling Papa - Fake Caller ID

Calling papa allows the user to make fake calls.

The app is for tricking people by calling someone and someone else's name and phone number is displayed.

You can trick people about calling a particular person when the call is being made to a different person actually.

Very user friendly interface, all you have to do is:
  •  Enter the Fake number on which you will be really calling.
  •  Enter the number you want to Display.
  •  Enter the name you want to display and Hola, make the call.

Spoof Call

   Calling Papa - Fake Caller ID- screenshot
   Spoof Call
Spoof Call is simple and easy to use fake caller id spoofing app:
you can start call spoofing with a press of a button.
Our caller id faker is perfect for funny fake number calls you can make with your friends. The fake id caller works with any mobile and cell phone numbers.

  • Enter your real phone number. We need it so we can call you, then bridge the call. By calling you over the mobile network we guarantee high quality spoof call, instead of clumsy voip connection. Don't worry, we'll show a fake caller id, the spoofing is on.
  • Enter the display phone number. This is the fake caller id being displayed on the recipient's screen(the fake number). Our spoof caller will replace your real number with fake id.
  • Enter the target phone number. We will call that number, establishing an anonymous connection between you and the target.
You can enter any mobile or landline phone number, it works with any phone and we can show any fake caller id you want!
Spoof Call is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use caller id faker and fake number caller.
We are giving 24 fake caller id credits( 2 call minutes with fake id) for you to try the service. 
The main purpose of the caller id faker are funny parody calls.

Disclaimer: Consult the laws in your country and do not use it for illegal activities! Our fake caller id app is perfect when you want to call someone with a fake number.

Hope you enjoy your prank and share with friends after prank.
Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

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