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Trick On How To Use U.S.A Number As Your Whatsapp Number

Hello guys formally I wrote about this same trick in this blog on how to use a U.S.A number as your WhatsApp number, so today am bringing you a new trick to use a U.S.A number as your WhatsApp number if you are from a different country e.g Nigeria.
  This trick is 100% percent working as this time that I update it in this blog, cause I try my very possible best to make sure that I confirm any tricks before writing about it in my blog. Showing this trick is possible using your android devices.
 This trick is fun cause you can prank your friend and they will be wondering how is this possible, that you are using a U.S.A number as your WhatsApp number instead of your specific number. In other for you to use a U.S number as your WhatsApp number, you will need a U.S number in other to do that, if you already read the formal trick on how to use a US number then you will have an ideal on how the trick will work. Well if you need to use this U.S number WhatsApp with your actual number, then install whatsappGB and the official WhatsApp, but I advise you use the trick with whatsappGB.
Trick On How To Use U.S.A Number As Your Whatsapp Number
Details Of WhatsApp U.S.A Number Trick
  • Totally free of charge, no payment required.
  • Work flawlessly with any android gadget, no issue found as of now
  • Protect your personal number on WhatsApp by hiding it
  • Create Account  With International Numbers [+1] Series.
Merits Of Using A U.S Whatsapp Number.
  • Use Of International Number
  • More Privacy, without displaying your number
  • Keep your Number Secure from some people
  • Prank your friends, by showing then you are Lord when it comes to tricks.

How to Create Whatsapp Account with U.S. Number

  • Firstly Download and Install Primo App in your Android Phone Download Here
  • After Download Simply Install & Open this app and Complete Sign Up Process and verify it with your real mobile number once Via OTP Code.
  • After the verification of your number, Simply Click to Top Left Corner of this app and you will see on new U.S Number there.
  • After Note your Mobile Number For Whatsapp Accounts, Then Simply Open Whatsapp from your device you want to Use your U.S Phone Number for Create an Account in Whatsapp
  • After that you have to enter Number in Whatsapp which you got from the primo app which you noted down earlier, and now click on continue.
  • Now Wait for few seconds till Call me Option becomes available then click on call me and you will receive a call from your WhatsApp on your primo app
  • After that simply Pickup the call and Whatsapp call will speak your verification code, Note it down and after that enter it in Whatsapp.
  • You’re done, now you have successfully signed up in your WhatsApp with fake US Number and now you can Enjoy WhatsApp Anonymously with US number.
Declaimer: I am not responsible for what you use this tricks for, Just use it for fun, not for the illegal purpose, thank you. try sharing with your friends.
Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

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  1. Anonymous23:51

    I didn't get the call on my primo app from what's app

    1. sorry bro whatsapp already block these trick. I will be updating a new one

  2. Waiting for new update


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