Top 5+ Best Sports Streaming Sites For Free 2018

    Sports streaming sites are something of great importance to many people that don't have access to television and their DSTV, but have access to the internet through mobile or laptop and would like to watch their favorite sports show. And one thing with all those DTH operators most of their channel doesn't offer those sports channels for free so you will have to subscribe to their plan.
       Most of these sports streaming sites don't require you to signup nor create an account all you have to do is to open the site URL and click on the available matches they have to offer. The sweet thing about this sites is that they even show matches from top leagues around the world, like premier league, Serie A, Spanish Liga and more.
    list of sport streaming sites

    Top List Of Sports Streaming Sites 2018


    This site offers to stream for the list of below sports and they offer lesser adverts with HD streaming for free of charge with a clean site design and navigation. E.G, Live, Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motor, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball, Other. 


    This site offers a very large amount of sports streaming coverage when it comes to streaming. This site is nice they keep their live streaming available on the homepage so that you can easily see a list of the live stream they get to offer, They offer a live stream on the following sports,
    • American Football streams
    • Basketball streams
    • Football streams
    • Baseball streams
    • Tennis streams
    • Ice Hockey streams
    • Handball streams
    • Rugby streams
    • Fight streams
    • Cricket streams
    • Cycling streams
    • Horse Racing streams
    • Billiard streams
    • Motor streams
    • Golf streams
    • Badminton streams
    • Volleyball streams
    • Swimming streams
    • Other streams.


    This site offers lots of options for live streaming, options like sports highlights from various sports and top leagues all over the universe. This is the list of sports they offer their streaming. 
    •  SPORTS


    They offer live streaming on the following lists. ABC, Animal Planet, AXN, BBC, CBS, CNN, CW, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, ESPN AMERICA, ESPN, ESPN2, EUROSPORT, FOX, FX, HBO, MTV, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, NBC, SHOWTIME, SKY SPORTS, SPIKE TV, USA NETWORK, TBS, TLC, TNT, Versus and many more.


    This site is a Russian language site by default that offers highlights of sports videos live streaming and much more. And you can also translate to languages like Brazil, English and more. They offer a various category of sports watching online.This is the list of sports they offer their streaming. 

    •  SPORTS


    This site offers sports highlights, live stream and all like other sites it is totally ads free that is not ads will pop while watching this highlights or live streams. Below is the list of sports they offer highlights and live stream on. And you can also submit highlights.
    • Football
    • Basketball
    • American Football 
    • Hockey
    • Baseball 
    • Tennis 
    • Boxing 
    • Cycling 
    • Motorsports 
    • MMA 
    • Golf 
    • Wrestling 
    • Cricket 
    • Athletics 
    • Rugby 
    Well, there are lots of lists that offer sports streaming live of which I didn't mention so if you know of any great site that you can suggest using the comment box and don't forget to share.
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