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Top Android Apps To Call Anyone With Any Number

Top Android Apps To Call Anyone With Any Number: Apps use to call with any number on android device is a very nice trick, cause it can be used to prank your friends with them not knowing that it's you and your real number is secure. I will be listing down some of the apps that you can use for this prank, but make sure not to offend person with this trick just use it for fun with those you know that they will not lost you teeth without thinking twice. 
 Am sure if it your friend he won't remove your teeth rather plan revenge trick for you am sure. Some of this app will require you to pay for extra minutes after exhausting the minutes given to you for new users. Some of this apps gives you 30minutes free call using any number of your choice. So am gonna list down some of the apps i know though tonnes of apps that offer such service are found in google play store and online but i will drop those i know about.
Top Android Apps To Call Anyone With Any Number

Top Best Android Apps To Call Anyone With Any Number Free

Caller ID Faker Android

You can now do what many consider to be impossible: 
  • Make a prank call with a new caller ID
  • Be the ULTIMATE prankster among your friends
  • Make phone calls from the beach, but they think you are calling from your office phone
  • Get that person that is avoiding you to answer their phone
  • Become a super detective and use your super powers for good

Fake Call Android

Top Android Apps To Call Anyone With Any Number
This app has a lots of features like fake call and lots more
  • Fake your phone number or caller id
  • schedule fake call
  • quick fake call
  • show history of faked calls
  • invite friends via facebook to join fake call
  • change your voice to Deep Male in fake call
  • change your voice in fake call to Female
  • Firstly Download, and Install ID Changer app from Play Store free unlimited spoof calling
  • Open the app you downloaded and installed from above link then you will see some numbers all you need to do is to change it and put your details.
  • Other Person will get Call  will be shocked Who is calling from the number like this. The number will be that you imputed on the app.
  • The problem with this app is that it's limited to 1 minute free trial so you have to purchase points. 

NOTE: Use this app for fun purpose only and am not responsible for any how you use this trick 
Chukwudi Solomon
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