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How Set Blackberry 10 Picture Password Android 100% Working

Blackberry 10 picture password is one of my favorite lock on the phone because you can unlock your phone publicly without hiding your phone screen from people cause they will never know your password even when they saw you unlock the phone.

  This very nice security by blackberry 10 was not available on android till of recent I finally got the apk file from appfisher call blackberry 10 picture password for android. But I never believed it till I tried it myself on my Samsung galaxy alpha sm-g850F running on 4.4.4 and it worked flawlessly. This app was designed a way that it use your phone face lock in running so you will have to uninstall the default face lock using ES file explorer apk. But I was lucky cause my Samsung galaxy alpha don't have pre-installed  face lock so I didn't have to uninstall any app I just went straight ahead and install the app then it worked for me without any issue. Please make sure to read all the process before proceeding.
How To Use Blackberry 10 Picture Password On Android 100% Working

How To Use Blackberry 10 Picture Password On Android 100% Working

Requirements For BB10 Picture Password

  • Android operating system version 4.0-4.4. I haven't tried it on lollipop so you can give it a try.
  • Es file explorer apk download it Here
  • Root for phones with pre-installed face lock, while no root for a phone like mine cause my phone don't have pre-installed face lock.
  • Android phone running on OS version 4.0-4.4.
  • Your little time and understanding.

Features Of BB10 Picture Password For Android.

  • Two (2) step unlock verification to avoid accidental unlock by an unauthorized user.
  • Ten (10) Attempts before switching to alternative backup lock.
  • Please note that this App replaces the default Face Unlock security option on your device.
  • Users with Face Unlock would need to backup and uninstall it before they install Picture Password if not it will not install, it will show installation fail.
Installation Instructions:
  • You need to backup and uninstall your Face unlock app.
  • You need to ROOT your device and have SuperUser (if not done already).
  • Open the Es File Explorer apk you downloaded above.
  • Under Es File Explorer, access App Manager and select System Apps.
  • Search for Face unlocks, select Backup then uninstall the face lock.
  • Restart your device before you install the app
  • After installing restart your device again 
  • When done with the above process go to phone settings lock screen and select face lock.

How To Use BB10 Picture Password on Android:

  • Download Picture Password and Install on your phone.  Download  Here
  • Go to lock screen under Security under Settings and select Face Unlock.
  • select the number you will b using e.g 9 then the app will open gallery.
  • Select the picture that you will use for the password
  • Put the number in a place you will remember the picture you selected
  • Confirm  the same place and choose your backup password done.
  1. 10 secs allow to drag and drop on the main place.
  2. Unlike BB10 it deal with main precise position
  3. Not full screen cause it using the face lock resolution 
  4. Once you enter the wrong password more than 10 times it will start asking for a backup password until you restart before it starts to work again. 
Hope this article helped you to install face lock on your android phone without any much of a stress. Don't forget to share with friends.☺

Chukwudi Solomon
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