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Top Best Security/Anti-Virus Apps For Android 2018

 Securing your android device is a very important aspect of your devices mostly those that have phones lower than version 5.0 (lollipop) operating system, though from android version 5.0 upward there have been a lots of security updates but still there are some of those security issues that android security apps can offer you which the inbuilt security can not offer, this is where this article comes handy.

2018 Best Anti-virus/Security Apps For Android Phones

   Well, I will be listing down top among the numerous number of antivirus and security apps on the official android store. Both their official details and features and those that are free or premium.
antivirus apk android
Mobile security and Antivirus

#1 Eset Mobile Security & Antivirus 

Eset mobile antivirus & security have brought their smart antivirus system to both phone and tablet devices, Eset has lots of nice features when it comes to protecting your devices from malicious software, phishing sites and lots more. Below are the features of Eset mobile security & antivirus.

Premium Features Eset Apk

  • SMS/MMS/Call blocking
  • On-charger scan to preserve battery life
  • Automatic updates of key modules and settings
  • Scheduled scanning of apps, settings, files
  • Safe browsing and phishing protection
  • Device Monitoring of important settings
  • Application Audit of installed apps to tell you what they have access to
  • Mobile cybersecurity education
  • Proactive Anti-Theft which notifies you of suspicious activity
  • Online management of your lost or stolen device at

Free Features Of Eset Apk

  • Anti-Theft activated by SMS commands – Remote Lock, Remote Siren, GPS Location and Remote Wipe
  • Tablet friendly interface 
  • On-demand Scan that you can activate at any time
  • Quarantine where all discovered items reside so they don’t infect you further
  • Antivirus with 100% detection rate (AV-Test, 2015)
  • Automatic Scan of downloaded applications and files

Download Eset Here

#2 CM Security Applock Antivirus

When it comes to securing your device this is another great antivirus for android that you can use and it totally free, unlike Eset which have some limited options for it, free users. This CM security has lots of features like snap the snooper who tried to unlock your phone without your permission and all for free, unlike other apps that such feature have to be on pro feature. CM also takes it to another level by adding app lock using fingerprints with phones that have such features. Well a lots of option are there on app lock while if we come to talk about their antivirus feature which is the sole purpose of this article is that the app offer a lots protection for both phone and tablet device e.g find my phone tool, locate your phone on a map (To control your device remotely, use this link ), make device to make sound in other to find it, remotely lock the device to protect your privacy, safe browsing and more.

Download Here

#3 Avast Security & Antivirus  

Avast like Eset also have both premium and free features, both of this antivirus can be used on PC, phone, and tablet to secure and protect the device. This Avast apk comes with antivirus engine capable of protecting your phone and tablet device from malicious software and more. Applock feature which gives you the option to authorize access to a specific app of your with pin, pattern, unlike CM app lock that offers fingerprint option. Avast can also provide services like call blocking, web shield, wifi security, firewall and more. Note some this features are for premium users which cost $1.99 - monthly subscription$ and 7.99 - yearly subscription.

Download Here

#4 Kaspersky Antivirus & Security

Kaspersky also offer a lots of protection to both phone and tablet device, just like others it has both premium and free features, well Kaspersky premium, features are few so as a free user you can enjoy this Kaspersky protection of your devices and if you really need the premium features you can easily opt-in for it using their secure payment server. Kaspersky has antivirus protection like others with both security option like app lock, find your lost phone, unwanted calls, and SMS blocking options with lots more to offer. Kaspersky antivirus solution scans downloaded apps for viruses and other malware to protect Android devices against mobile threats. After detecting malware, the phone security app removes viruses and other threats and blocks dangerous apps, links, and files.

Download Here
End Note
 From the list of security & antivirus for the android hope, you can find which is best for you personal phone and tablet protections.

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