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New Latest BlackBerry 10 (BB10) picture password Android

Blackberry 10 (bb10) picture password Android is one of the best password to secure your smart phones on BB10 but normally it was limited to BB10 users like z30, Q5, Z10 and the rest of BB10 mobiles.    BB10 picture puzzle password for android phones was a rare app due to it complicity and great security. Normally such security option are supposed to be added to android devices upgrades but you know competition ego and the rest. Some genius developed this app using the facelock on android phones to make picture password but it requires root in android phones that has pre-installed facelock in other to uninstall the pre-installed facelock security and install this app. This BB10 picture password was having some limitations like it's not full screen and others.
BB10 picture password android
Android picture puzzle password
  Latest blackberry 10 picture password is now available in Google play store and don't require root like the previous one which I wrote about here.  This very version on new BB10 picture password is full screen and have total similarities compared to the main official BB10 picture password on BB10 phones.

How To Use BB10 picture password android

   Picture Password is a new method of securing your device that allows you to use a combination of a number (0 to 9) and picture to unlock your device instead of typing a password. When enabled, instead of unlocking your device using a password, you’ll be shown a picture and a grid of random numbers.
  • To unlock your device, he screen and drag the number grid until your number is on top of a specific spot.
Picture Password not only provides you with a quick and easy way to unlock your android phone but protects from being hacked or attacks.

Advantages of BB10 picture password android

  • Smudge Attack – Picture Password always shows a random number grid whenever you unlock your device, which means you never follow the same pattern. In other words, because you always move your number from a different location on the grid, an attacker cannot establish a smudge pattern.
  • Shoulder Surf Attack – When using a simple password, someone could look over your shoulder while you enter it. Picture Password prevents this situation from occurring by drawing a random number grid and varying the size of the grid. For example, in addition to a random number grid, the grid size also randomly changes increasing and decreasing the amount of rows and columns to reduce the shoulder attack vulnerability.
  • Brute Force Attack – Picture Password addresses brute force attacks by limiting the number of guesses, varying the size, location, and pattern of the grid numbers and requiring minimum movement of the number grid.
  • It totally free
  • Supports all android devices

Disadvantages of BB10 picture password android

  • This app don't have device administrator option.
  • Contains ads though it free
  • Don't have accessibility right.
  • All this can lead to weak app authority.
Download BB10 picture password
Official Link
Unofficial Link


Picture puzzle password lock on android phone is one of the best password and it great security app for android phones which is also free . Hope this app fill your test for BB10 picture password like on android and for those of you who don't know this picture password my opinion is that you should give it a try. Try sharing with friends, stay tune for more updates.
Chukwudi Solomon
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  1. Wow I have been looking for this app. Downloaded some but none worked. Perfect app I have been searching for.

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    same here thanks chukwudi


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