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Trick On How To Hack In-App-Purchase Android Working Method.

To hack in-app-purchase is a Freedom for android phone is one a great In-App-Purchase tool every android rooted phone should have in other to get/hack In-App-Purchase for without paying the main money requires the game or app for premium features unlocking. This excellent app call freedom for making In-App-Purchase free on any android rooted device has an inbuilt master card use for making the purchase of any premium features or lock features for free.

   Freedom uses a mechanism to tell Google play that the payment was made through the master card available in the freedom apk for any purchase. For example, you can get unlimited coins, gems and other premium options for free. without using your actual master card to get all these features. Most people that have installed Freedom apk in other to hack/crack In-App-Purchase in various games and apps end up not being able to do so due to some simple errors of which I will be correcting in this post.
Tricks On How To Hack In-App-Purchase Android Working Method.

      Features Of Freedom Android.

  • Get unlimited coins, gems and other premium options for free.
  • Make In-App-Purchases for free using freedom master card.
  • Unlock premium levels in games and apps using freedom.
  • Get full control over any android game or app installed.

     Requirements For Freedom To Work

  • Root android phone. Phone must be rooted
  • Not any master card has ever attached to play store cause it may cause some errors. Reset android phone if you have used your master card with play store before.
  • Android phone and the app or get you which to get the In-App-Purchase for free.
  • Most important make sure you grant Freedom root access.

How To Use Freedom To Hack  In-App-Purchase

  • Download latest freedom apk v1.6.6 from here
  • Install and grant root access
  • open freedom option menu ticks offline verification, disable play store updates.
  • Open the app or game you which to hack the In-App-Purchase for free
  • click on buy and a successful message will appear done.
  •  In-App-Purchase hacked.

Freedom Not Hacking In-App-Purchase Android fix

  • Try removing any app you use in hacking In-App-Purchase
  • Opening the game or app you which to hack In-App-Purchase through freedom i.e open freedom then open the app or game you which to hack the In-App-Purchase for free.
  • Still freedom not working. Note some games or apps In-App-Purchase cannot be hacked through freedom e.g FIFA football games etc.


Making  In-App-Purchase through freedom apk app is very simple and stable and don't cause any boot loop or any official Google play store replacement requires. Hope this article helps you to hack games and apps In-App-Purchase. Try sharing.

Disclaimer Am not responsible for anything I just provide the tips and try making In-App-Purchase with you real money to support the games and app developer is just a token to say gracious for your wonderful app or game.
Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

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