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Tricks On How To Get U.S Phone Number For Free.

Having U.S.A number from other countries that most are not supported by Paypal and other important platform is a good thing cause the number can be used for verifications and lots of important things. With the help of  TextNow you can easily a U.S number for free with any stress.
TextNow is a cross-platform messaging application that offers free U.S phone numbers.With TextNow you can easily send text messages for free to United States, Canada, Mexico and 100 countries in the World for FREE.

Benefits Of TextNow.

  • make free calls to US numbers and other countries.
  • receive calls from anywhere in the world for FREE!
  •  You can receive calls, make calls, text and receive messages with it.
  • You have real USA number for verifications and others.
My problem with TextNow now is that you must be around , US, Mexico, and Canada, in other to use it. You should know that won't a problem with the help of professional VPN apps and IP address changing.
 For those of you that are not from US, Mexico, and Canada then in other to use TextNow you will need to change your PC/Smartphone IP address to that of US which is easy using Hotspot Shield VPN app free  version - Get it Here
Us number

How To Get a Free US Phone Number in Nigeria India and Others.

  • Make sure that your Hotspot Shield VPN is connected and running.
  • To easily find out if your IP location is US use to confirm your IP location.
  • Now, open and click on the Sign Up link. 
  • Fill in your details and then click on the Sign Up button.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to "Provide Your Area Code".
  • Open
  • Scroll down to choose your preferred Area Code you which to be using.
  • Copy your Area code and paste in the Area Code Field then click "Continue" button.
  •  Now choose from the list your preferred USA number, then click continue. 
  • Within some seconds you should have a working US number for use.

  For easier access on notification of calls, text messages. Download and install TextNow APk for android free from Play Store or other links.
Note: never open TextNow Apk app without your VPN on Android running and connected to US IP.

   TextNow Apk is on Google Play Store but if are not in US you will see not available in your country except you use market unlocker pro apk.

<! -- adsense --> Simply follow the steps below to download TextNow APK Version

  • Copy this link Play Store link of TextNow.
  • Then open this site
  • Click/Tap on APK Downloader button and a new site will open then paste the link of TextNow for play store you copied into the field provided and click on Generate Download Link button with the blue color background. Now click on the Green Download button on the next screen to download TextNow APK to your android smartphone.

Now install the TextNow Apk you downloaded, launch your VPN app then connect and now you can open your TextNow app . You must always be online to receive calls with TextNow free version.
But you can always view your calls and SMS messages through history under the dashboard of your TextNow, once you're succefully signed into your account.

TextNow Premium Features

  • Upgrade premium is not mandatory in order to use your US phone number.
  • You can get rid of annoying ads.
  • Lock-in your number
  • Get calls forwarded to your local number.
  • The Monthly fee is $2.99
  • The Yearly fee is $29.99Warnings: Always make sure  to use a US IP address while accessing your TextNow account.
when am sure with the help of this trick you can now get a USA number for free. Don't forget to share and stay tuned for more tricks like this.

Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

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