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New Method To Use USA WhatsApp Number Working Updated.

Yeah there are tricks and tips to use WhatsApp number on the internet. But most of them have been blocked by WhatsApp verification server or can I say WhatsApp server has identified those numbers as non existing. But today I bring you this working trick to use USA WhatsApp number without living in US or ever been to US before.
Note: This trick is for Educational and fun propose only, so am not responsible for how you use this trick. 
 Well I on my previous post I have wrote how to use US WhatsApp number with Primo app but the method is not working anymorecause many people have complained about not receivingthe verification code. Read  the previous trick here
  Now in other to use US number for WhatsApp international you firstly need to get a working U.S phone number for free using TextNow, of which I have wrote down a detailed guide.
Read on how to get us number for international use here
After getting a US phone number using the above tips then you can now proceed to using the number for WhatsApp.
Us number whatsapp

Benefits Of Using US Number For WhatsApp 

  • Privacy your real number can't be seen.
  • It fun to get your friends fooled.
  • It free to get this number
  • Can be used on Any WhatsApp supporting devices.

How To Use This USA Number On WhatsApp

  • Download modded whatsapp android from here if you don't which to mess with your official WhatsApp.
  • Now open the WhatsApp 
  • Input the US number you got from TextNow.
  • Now open the TextNow site or app if you have it on your phone.
  • Copy the WhatsApp verification code 
  • Paste it on WhatsApp then WhatsApp will automatically verify your US phone number.
  • If you didn't receive the WhatsApp verification code on time just calm or use the call option. Don't forget you must be online to receive calls with TextNow for free users.
  • Done you now have a working WhatsApp with US number.
This is a new trick to use a US WhatsApp number for free from other countries.NOTE: By the time of this post this trick is working. Don't forget to share with friends and stay tune for more updates.
Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

5 comments for "New Method To Use USA WhatsApp Number Working Updated."

  1. Anonymous07:26

    Yeah I like the working tricks posted on this site regular. Keep it up am a fan.

  2. I tried it severally with the Text now u.s number given to me , but My whatsapp keeps telling me that they have sent the Verification code to the above number. I opened the Text now app on my phone, but will not see the code. I even tried the call me option, but rthey never called the U.s number from Textnow. I will have to wait for another hour to repeat the whole thing again and again, but it doesn't work. Why?. I need help

    1. It seems there may be some issues.Try getting a new number from textnow again,then send a text message from your sim to the number and see if you received the message. Then proceed to using it on whatsapp. Don't forget you need internet connection and vpn to use TextNow app

  3. Anonymous10:35

    i got the number but whatsapp keeps telling me it is not a usa number

    1. WhatsApp server has been able to detect virtual numbers for now. So stay tune for any trick to get US WhatsApp number.


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