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How To Test Android Phones Gaming Performance

To Test if your Android device is capable of playing high graphic games like NBA 2K17 and other high graphic games that needs higher phone hardware to run then you need an Android app call GameBench. This app is used to test game performance on Android phones.

  To test the gaming performance test , of course you have to install a benchmark test app on your Android phone. You can find an application called GameBench that you can download for free on the Google Play Store .
How To Test Android Phones Gaming Performance

 GameBench is an award-winning tool that sits in the background while you play real games on real phones and tablets, capturing performance metrics that are vital early predictors of customer experience and commercial success. These metrics cover:
 • Visual fluidity, particularly frame rate (fps), frame rate stability and janks (aka micro-stutter);
 • Resource usage, including CPU and GPU bottlenecks as well as excessive memory footprint (a predictor of crashes);
 • Power consumption, including both instantaneous power and battery drain rate, and also battery temperature;
The GameBench Android app is quick to set up, requiring just a one-time tether to your Windows, Mac or Linux PC in order to initiate our metric-gathering service.
GameBench is also very easy to use, requiring no coding, no SDKs, no rooting and only standard Android permission settings.
Registering for a free GameBench account will get you the following features:
  • Access to the Android app; 
  •  Access to the desktop app, which lets you test iOS and Android games side-by-side;
  • Access to your own web dashboard, so you can store and analyse your test results; 
  • 30 minutes of testing every month, with your free minutes being reset monthly;

Download GameBench #Here

How To Test Android Phones Gaming Performance With GameBench.

  • First, open the GameBench app .
  • You must have an account with GameBench  in order to run the test, tap on the register option and fill in all your details or login if you already have account.
  • Open your mail then activate the  new account by opening link sent to you by the developer.
  • After activation login through the GameBench application.
  • First login, you will be prompted to allow access from the app, click enable .
  • Now you need to add games you want to test on your phone, tap the add option with the symbol '+' at the bottom of the app.
  • Select the game you want to test and tap icon '+' in the top right corner.
  • Now play the game through the app by pressing the play button icon located on the right side of the game that you added earlier.
  • The stop button will appear on the left and the FPS counter in the upper right corner.
  • Play the game for a few minutes, but if you want to simultaneously see the performance of the battery , you have to play the game for 15 minutes or more .
  • After playing, select stop to stop testing and exit the game as usual.
  • Now the GameBench app again, now in the game you add there will be a percentage of gaming performance on the phone in the game.
  • You can also view the specifics by pressing the stats icon under the play button .
  • There will see the performance values ​​shown through the number of stars, and the percentage of hardware work , such as CPU, RAM , and GPU .
  • To see in detail, you can select the performance part below, you can also see, in which session in the game that the value of his FPS is high and low by pressingthe dots on the graph.
  • Then go into the Resources section , here you can see how much processor and GPU performance on your phone while playing the game in graphical form .

Testing a gaming performance of android smartphone with GameBench app is very nice and informative. With GameBench you can find out if your smartphone is capable with HD game of your choice.
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