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Top 3+ Best Foosball Game for Android 2018

 There are apps for everything in the world, from easy calculators, complicated photo apps to the fun ones, the app games. Today I want to share with you 5 game apps about foosball, which is becoming more and more popular as we speak. If you love foosball, you will love this list even better.

Best Foosball Games  For Android.


The first foosball app made by Ludus Studio is the 2nd application on this list, this one is some kind of an upgrade. It has the best design and it has really great options so I can say it is pretty good app. You can play tournament, world league, and complete challenges and you can pick your team from 51 different countries. The more challenges you achieve the more options you open, from choosing the table to choosing teams. It has everything.  


This is the starter foosball app made by Ludus Studio and they really made a good job. It is not the best design but it looks pretty good. It is really a user-friendly application and that is what is important in the end. You can’t pick a team from 51 different countries but there is a list of countries indeed. The reaction time in the app is great and you will have a feeling like you are playing real foosball on the foosball table.


I find this game more friend oriented than tournament because it is made to be far more simple. It doesn't have world cups and tournaments, but you can play with your friend. The graphics are also pretty basic and the field is always the same. But, the performance is cool, it has a great camera and the game is made to be fast. Also, you can choose how many goals can be scored during the match before the match ends and you can choose the time limitation as well.


This app looks a little like it is made for kids. It has blue and red details through the entire game and the teams are also the Blue team and the Red team, but you can play in two game modes: Scrimmage and Championship. I don’t like the fact that you have to move little arrows on the bottom right corner to move the rods. That part should have been better; it is a foosball we are talking about after all.


In my opinion, it is the simplest game on my list, there are no tournaments but you can play against CPU or your friend and you can train to improve your skill. I must admit I have experienced few dead balls during the game and that has not happened in other apps I have played so it is a downside. It seems like this game app is made more for rookies than experienced players because it seems like you can train on it pretty good.  


Mark is a foosball player who loves to play foosball, on the foosball table or on his smartphone. He has a blog about foosball where he writes reviews of foosball tables, parts and accessories, he teaches the basics of foosball and how to make some tricks. To check out his blog, click here
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