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Top 5+ Best Call Recoder Apps For Android 2018

In Google play store their many apps that record phone calls but among all the call recording apps I will be writing down the best call recording apps for Android 2018. Each of these apps has their advantages over others but some are better and has good features.

List Of Best Call Recorders Apps For Android 2018

 Each an every Android users will have various reasons of downloading call recording apps on their Android phones but whatever your reasons may be, here you will find the best apps that record phone calls on the Android phone. Some of this apps are paid version while some are free which may contain ads.

Top Call Recorder Android 2018

on these lists, you can easily find out which of this apps has the features that suit your needs.

#Automatic Call recorder

Automatic call recorder is one of the best call recording apps for Android devices but it is a paid version though it offers a free trial version for you to test if it will work with your phone before purchasing the paid version that is the pro version. The app has many unique features like saving your recorded calls to Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can easily synchronize it.  There are three default settings for recording calls in this app that are unique from other apps.  
  1. The default settings which record all calls except pre-selected contacts to ignore.
  2. Ignore all except the contacts that are selected to be recorded by you.
  3. Ignore contacts, this will ignore recording calls of your contacts and will record calls that are not in your contacts but will still record contacts you select to record.
Automatic call recorder pro version can save your calls automatically to the cloud. With Automatic call recorder, you can select which call to record and which to ignore and which calls recorded you wish to save and share.

Download Automatic call recorder pro apk from Here

#Auto Call Recorder 2018

Unlike automatic call recorder auto call recorder 2018 is free and it contains ads. Auto call Recorder 2018 records your incoming and outgoing calls in HD quality with smart real-time call ID from your contacts. Unlike automatic call recorder auto call recorder 2018 have a wonderful feature which makes it unique like adding the password to protect the call recorder to avoid unauthorized access to your recorded calls saved on your device though auto call recorder 2018 do not have cloud feature like automatic call recorder, after all, it free. This app also has a good notification feature that allows you to stop/pause the call recording during phone calls.

Download Auto call Recorder 2018 apk from Here

#Smart Auto Call Recorder

 This another great app that records your incoming and outgoing calls without you having to start recording all the time. This app will record all your phone calls automatically even though you forget to sometimes. Smart auto call recorder requires android version 2.3 up and also contain ads. You can play, delete, rename and share your recorded voice calls,  unlike automatic call recorder that has cloud integration smart auto call recorder don't have it so have to backup your recordings manually to any storage of your choice.

Download Smart auto call recorder apk from Here

#Call Recorder

 This is another great phone call recording apps, with call recorder you can easily hide the call recording logo, change the recorded calls to be sort by options to like sort by time, by name, by date. You can play the call you recorded with the app or save it as mp3 to your storage. You can also password protect your app with the inbuilt security feature. Just like other apps, it contains ads.

Download Call Recorder apk from Here

#Call Recorder by C Mobile.

 This app has it own unique feature that I like the most, the option that allows you to lock recordings to prevent from deleting just to avoid error and this app have premium features which include cloud services like storing your recorded calls to Google Drive or Dropbox and also share feature is premium. You can lock your recordings with a password.

Download Call Recorder apk from Here


 This is the list of top recording apps for Android devices with great features that make them outstanding from others. Hope you find the best recording apps for your Android phone. Don't forget to share and comment your opinion.
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