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Top 15+ Sites To Download Full Movies For Free 2018

 To download movies from the internet is somehow a hard task mostly when you want to do that using any search engine like Google, Bing etc due to the facts of copyright issues even though the movie is out there somewhere to download for free. Movie downloading is one of the spoils internets has to offer, so knowing where and how to do that is kind of tricky so that's why I will write down top movies download sites and short summary review of each of this sites.
sites to download movies full

  Downloading movies from movie sites have is own cons just like is pros are to provide movie download for free it cons are pop-ups, ads, redirects and sometimes free hosting server where the download speed is limited. Well for the love of movie all those cons are not a problem if you can get your movie, after all, there are browsers that block pop-ups, ads and the rest.

Updated List Of Sites To Download Movies 2018.

 So below you will find the list of movie site which you can use and download any movie category or TV series of your choice for free.



Unlimited access to over 20 million titles. Free. You'll never be bored again.


Search easily. Whether it's a new release or a golden oldie, we've got you covered.

  • NO ADS

No one likes ads. Enjoy your films the way they were meant to be experienced: ad-free.


Be entertained anywhere, anytime. Optimized for PC, Mac, mobile,


 This site is famous for the low size of movies and with good quality and high-speed download servers. You can download Bollywood, Hollywood movies from this site all in mp4 formats. you can search for a movie through the advance sorting format on the site like by popular cast like Morgan Freeman and also by movie genre, by latest update, by released date, by IMDB top 250.


This is another good movie download site with no ads and offers movies in 480p and 720p resolution. One thing that makes this site unique is not only that you don't experience annoying ads is that you can download from file hosting sites that provide maximum download speed, sites like GoogleDrive, MediaFire, Mega. This site gives latest movies been aired in theater both Korean, Japan, Bollywood, and Hollywood. In this site, you have to pass through two sites before reaching to your download destination.


The main objective of this site is to provide movies and anime for lower resolution screen devices like that of your smartphone. The image qualities of this movies are reduced but not bad when you use your smartphone to watch the movies or anime the site offers.


This is not the famous YIFY torrent movie sites but also another great movie download site where you can find latest movies and download in different resolutions and format from a various file hosting sites.

Likes Movie

On this site, you can download Indonesia, India, Asia, Korea and TV series for free. You can sort movies on this site by date, title etc.

 Lists Sites To Download Full Movies Free


This is another great site where you can download TV series for free and also with a forum format where all you talk about is movie and TV series.


  Filmgan is a good site to download movies and watch movies without ads bothering you. The site provides streaming options too. This site provides many movies in a different genre all for free.
 Filmgan also adds old movies that were was a big shot just in case you didn't watch it back then or just which to rewatch it.


This is another great site where you can download high-quality movies for free and more movies are added and updated on a daily basis to keep up with the movie industry. The unique search system of MovieGan is stunning where you can easily filter your search results.


Boxuice have about 3k+ movies available for you to download free and the numbers are still counting to date. These site offer movies in HD and high quality.


One thing I consider with sites to download and stream movies on a fast server, Shaanig offer high-quality movie streaming on a high-speed server and also the site reshuffle movie list for you to get new movies easily.

IndoXXI Ganool

Just like the famous Ganool movie site that is nowhere to be found now IndoXXI Ganool provides new movies to download. I might suspect that IndoXXI Ganool site is somehow related to Ganool site cause the movies out there is complete.


On this site, you can download movies in any of these resolutions like 480P, 720P, and 720P 10 Bit. This site also contains a wide range of anime for those that are the great fan of anime movies.

Top List Of Site To Download Latest Movies Full.


This site is for anime movie fans those that link to download and watch anime movies then OPLoverz is your site.


This site is lightweight lesser ads compare to other sites and then continue to update there movies just like other sites do but the more friendly site. This site doesn't only provide movies but also TV series where you can download TV series for free


Here on this site they normally add an unfamiliar movie to the site and new movies just released from the theater for you to download for free. This site is another great movie download site which offers you movies to download in 720p or 1080p resolution with TV series also available in the list.


Just like the name sounds, Sharingseries specialize in providing latest updated TV series download options just like how other sites specialized on movie downloads. In this site, you can navigate to the movie you want through the alphabetic index of TV shows.

List Of Movies Download Sites Continues


 For those of you that like Asia films like Korea or Japan movies then Dramaindo should be your choice of site to visit. This site has gain fame and it doesn't provide movies that are been aired in the theater.


This site is for Korean movie lovers. My favorite option on this site is the ability to download a movie through mega which is awesome cause it is fast secure and supports pause and resume which many free file hosting sites don't do.


This site is similar to Fzmovies but with different site layout and different sorting format but similar movie size, format, and category which includes Bollywood, Hollywood, animations, and dubbed. You can download movies from the Android app or fast third-party server.


 This is the latest updated sites to download movies and TV series for free. You can find your movie genre like comedy, horror, and others in this sites.
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