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Updated Whatsapp Trick To Read Someone Whatsapp Message 2018

Hello guys, today I will be posting on how to read someone else WhatsApp messages using a WhatsApp web method. Whatsapp which is presently owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the most used social media, cause it connects you with the people that you have their contacts, that's what makes it very interesting to use.
 This trick on how to read another WhatsApp messenger user message is just for fun purpose just for the trick and show off, don't go and use it on the wrong person before you lost your tooth or more damages will come to you. WhatsApp messenger has about 1billion+ download on Google play store are of which 90% are daily active users.

How To Read Somebody WhatsApp Messages

  This method has to do with the WhatsApp web, that is you will need to goto WhatsApp web and connect it with your friend device, this is the only accurate method to read someone else WhatsApp messages on your pc or mobile using web address. You can read their messages reply their messages without them tracing back to you, that is it totally safe to try this trick and prank your friends.

whatsapp tricks to read another person message

How To Perform This Trick For Whatsapp

If you think yeah let me prank this fellow and make he/she run nut, the follow the steps carefully, in other to prank the person.
  • Take Mobile of your Friend, In Which Whatsapp is Installed and you Would Like to Read Their Chats.
  • Then Open Whatsapp and Press Menu Button, then Goto Whatsapp Web.
  • Click on + Button from Top Right and It will Open QR Code Scanner.
  • Open from your PC in Chrome, Firefox or any other browser or you can do this with your mobile phone just open the link address above.
  • Scan The Code With Whatsapp QR Code Scanner Which you was opened with above steps.
  • Done! Now Whatsapp account of your friend will be logged in into.
  • You can Read Their Chats, Send Messages from their Chats.

Necessity For The Trick To Work

  • Mobile Data / Wifi Must be working switched on, on your friend device for to read Their Chats, Send Messages etc.
  • Your friend must not reinstall WhatsApp / re-verify WhatsApp account, if he does so, your WhatsApp web session on PC will be destroyed.
  • you must have your friend device in your Hand and scan the code via at Whatsapp web.

How To Prevent Your Anybody To Read Your WhatsApp Messages

Just to make sure you don't fall victim to this prank, follow the below steps to avoid being pranked.
  • Open Whatsapp and go to Whatsapp web option.
  • If you see any active session devices, just delete them.
  • Done
 With this tip, you can easily prank any of your friends and read his or her WhatsApp messages without your friend knowing. Hope you enjoy the trick. Am not responsible for how you use this trick I just provide it for fun purpose. Don't for to share with friends.
Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

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