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5+ Best Sites To Download PC Games Free And Legal.

Most people tend to search for pc games free download and they normally end up downloading pirated games with infected games files which can harm your PC by causing a virus attack. All the best sites to download PC games free am writing about here is legal. Getting PC games legally free is good and you are free from any virus attacks on your PC.
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Best Free And Legal Sites To Download PC Games

  • Steam

 For a gamer, the existence of Steam as a place to download free and legal games of course is no doubt. Currently Steam provides thousands of games and software that you can download for free.

 As a third party distributing games from Publisher to Gamers, Steam always updates her game library . Here you can see many new games, popular games, and upcoming games.
 Steam site .


Another best PC games free download site  is . Focusing on quality Indie games, provides free or paid games. In the free games section, there are at least more than 48,000 games that you can download for free and play on your Pc. All this games provided by is legal.

  • GOG

Once you mention PC games most people will call steam but the tide is turning little by little due to DRM by steam. Some gamers definitely have a good reason why not buy games on Steam. One of the reasons is Steam has DRM . So, if one day Steam closes or revokes your account, yourgame will automatically disappear .

This is also the reason why many gamers are starting to switch to GOG over Steam. Game distribution on GOG is similar to Steam, it's just DRM-free .

The game is not connected to your GOG account. So when GOG closes, automatically games that you have downloaded can still play.One other advantage of GOG is the number of games can be played on Linux .

Website: GOG

  •  OnePlay

Next there is OnePlay . OnePlay is one of the services of digital game providers that exist today. OnePlay provides more than 2,000 premium games to play, not only do they provide games for PC but also for MAC and other platforms.

Website: OnePlay

  • Origin

The place to download other games is Origin .Similar to Steam and GOG, it's just that most of the games in Origin are made by EA (Electronic Arts) . In addition, only a few games that you can download for free. Thats what all this post is about getting PC games free legally.

Website: Origin

  • Uplay

For lovers of games made by Ubisoft like Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed, Battlefield, and The Division , must be familiar with Uplay . If Origin is to play EA games, then Uplay can only be used to play Ubisoft-made games. Origin and Uplay are like game developer specific.

Website: Uplay


 Those are some free and legal  PC game download sites. Moreover, the games provided are legal games, cool? If you have any other site recommendations comment below. don't forget to share.
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