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Top 7+ Best Video Editing Apps on Android 2018

Android smartphones are getting more apps and games on daily basis and becoming more sophisticated. Most recent android phones now are getting good quality in the aspect of camera video recording. After being able to capture great moments with you android smartphone camera then making this video top notch is what comes to your mind, but most cases making the video your brand requires PC which would be better off if you just edit the video using your smartphone. So without you having to require a PC for your video editing that's where this top best video editing apps for android come in handy.

In addition to the record business, the videographer definitely need a video editing application so that the resulting video is getting better. Can be used anywhere, following recommend  best video editing applications on Android phones.

Best Video Editing Apps Android Phones For Videographers.

   Adobe Premiere Clip for android phone is one of the best video editing applications on Android market due to its simplicity and precision on video editing. Adobe Premiere Clip can edit your video automatically or you can manually edit your own video with the app. You can easily add effect, filter and many more with Adobe Premiere Clip video editor.

  Are you an entertainment video editor looking for app that offers great functions for your work then Funimate is your choice of video editing applications on Android. This app is famous and gives 10+ filter effect on video for free.

Movie Maker Filmmaker for android phone is good tool for mencropping , cut and rearrange video you which to edit easily. Those top options for mencropping , cut and rearrange are good when itcomes to video editing .

  PowerDirector Video Editor gives you a professional video editing options like
You can easily insert video, effects, stickers, even though two audio timeline. Video inserting is a nice nice quality any video editor like comedy video maker needs. This app is nice and cool.

As a newcomer in the world of mobile video editing, Quik offers speeds as a flagship feature. You can add up to 50 photos and videos , Quik automatically edit into a short video. Quik also presents more than 20 filters that you can use while making your own video with your android

This is one of the best among video editing apps for android cause VivaVideo provide more than 150+ filters that you can apply to the  video you are editing . VivaVideo use user interface -based storyboards as a means of editing. VivaVideo providing variety of effects, text input, with  supports video fast or slow motion makes it incredibly awesome for BMX video making, tutorials video making and more.

This is another great video editing tool available for android phone users with interesting features like cut , arrange , and add music into the video you are editing. Well Video Editor also have some fun features text input feature, emoji, and effects that makes the app perfect for lightweight video editing on Vine or Instagram .

Just like other app for video editing Videoshop also comes with unique features that makes it good video editing app for Android devices for example Videoshop comes with animated transitions , recording the voice over , the support stop motion , sound effects , and finally editing video upside down which is kind of cool.

Videoshow compare to other video editing apps gives good features like a wide range of sticker , text, effects and themes that you can choose easily and apply to the videoyou are editing .

  VQuick is good  for you who like blogging , citizen journalism , and so forth. Just like social media , you can see the video that has been edited by another user. There are also good features of  self-destruct that allows video immediately removed/delete  after other people see it finished. Don't get confused by the name VQuick is different from Quik.


Above are the top best video editing apps for android smartphone. Well each app of the apps I wrote about got nice features so which is your choice and what are you think am missing out. 
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