Top Technology Trending Headlines For Today.

    Todays top trending technology news around the globe. On this post I just be writing down all the headlines for tech. The main aim of this post is to list down the major tech topics, if you are among those that usually read headlines of articles only then this post is for you. So below are the top technology news for tech today.
    Tech hot news

    So below are the headlines for tech major trends 
    • Google Android Oreo Update to Bring LDAC Codec Support to the smartphone giants Xiaomi Devices. 

    • Redmi any smartphone giants with lots of amizing phones sets to To Launch Redmi 6, Redmi 6A in India Later in September.

    • European Parliament with huge decision by rejecting Controversial Content Copyright Reforms.

    • Cryptocurrency Companies finally  discovered A Way To Dodge RBI's Directive

    • WhatsApp is always rolling out major updates on security to make WhatsApp more safer, upcoming WhatsApp messenger updates Will Soon Notify You About Potentially Unsafe Links.

    • Creating of Your Digital Business Card is as easy as ever With 'Idencard' App on Android devices.

    • Samsung always sprouting out new features and designs on there new phones to stay ahead in the smartphone market will now introduce a Variants Galaxy S10 which Will Have With In-Display And Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensors.

    • Walmart are ready to Pay $2 Billion Withholding Tax Over Flipkart Deal

    • Power bank are very useful and important  Belkin's Apple-Certified 10,000mAh new Lightning Power Bank Up For Pre-Order

    • BlackBerry making a new smartphone call Ghost Might Have a Large 4,000 mAh Battery.

    • MediaTek with more improvements Working With Google, Facebook For AI-Ready Mobile Chipsets.

    End Note: 
     If you want a quick grab of the top happening in tech world today am sure with this headlines you are good to go. Don't forget to share with friends.
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