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Tips On How To Fix Battery Consumption After OS Upgrade.

Phone upgrades is one of the best things about smart phones like lot's of security upgrades, better performance boost, new interesting features and design, but in most cases this upgrades are attached with one little bugs or the which among this bugs, the most annoying one is the issue of battery draining faster than the usual before upgrading. I will show you this top best tips for fixing such problems on Android phones. This case of battery drainage is found mostly from android version five (lollipop) to the newest update of Android version seven (nougat). Now here is the top lists to fix the battery issue

How To Solve Battery Fast Draining After Updating OS

Battery drainage fix after update android

Search For Applications Sucking Battery
Battery drainage is mostly cause by apps that don't have support for your android phone update, as such the app will start either restarting continuously or start abnormal battery consumption. So the best tip is to loom for such app and fix it. To do that Go to the menu Settings> Battery . Then will appear the list of applications sorted from most applications are draining your battery. Ideally, Android System or Android OS is located on the top row. If there is a simple application which is located at the top row, then that's what you need to clean up. The solution, you can do an update, reinstall, or force stop on the application.

Use And Disused

Battery consumption in Android phone is caused by some settings like high brightness level, so try to set auto brightness level. In addition, you can also turn off the Bluetooth connection when you do not need. Although it is not in use, bluetooth enabled quite destabilizing Android system and took a lot of battery usage.

  The more service you switch it off, the more efficient battery use. So when not needed, you should disable only such things as WiFi, GPS, NFC, data, and the like. This way can be very beneficial tablets to overcome the battery runs out quickly Android updates like nougat, Oreo Android P etc.

Rebooting The Phone.

This very option may be funny but it works in some cases cause it will close all apps and help the phone to boot up and fix some apps from continuous restarting.

Check Account  Auto Sync.

Phone synchronization is a great phone that allows your android smart phone to backup your stored data on phone to cloud automatically but this option tends to lead to battery drainage on updated android smart phones cause the phone will tend to restore your previous data on cloud and uploading new once. When this leads to battery drainage is due to network error so the synchronization will keep retrying leading to battery consumption. To fix go to menu Settings> Account . Checks sync all accounts that you have. Are there accounts marked with (!) Or other specific signs that need special attention? If yes, do a manual re-sync on every account that is problematic.

Clear Cache Partition

If those above option did not fix your updated smart phone battery consumption then you should try clearing your phone cache. NOTE: not factory resetting.

  •  Press the Power button and Volume Down simultaneously for some time.
  • Will appear big arrow at the top of the screen.
  • Press the Volume Down button repeatedly until the Recovery on the arrow on the screen.
  • Press the Power button.
  • Android mascot will appear lying on his back. Open the chest with the mark (!) Inside a red triangle.
  • While holding down the Power button, click the Volume Down button once. Then release the Power button . Some phones this step is not required.
  • Will appear menu list . Use the Volume Down button to select the Clear Cache Partition . Click the Power button for OK.
  • Let the process run itself. roughly it will take 1-10 minutes .

Restart smart phone.

 Note this recovery method don't work with all phones for example Samsung phones to enter recovery you need to press volume down, home key, and power key.
This method is effective to solve various problems that arise as a result of the latest version of the OS upgrade, including overcoming Android update battery runs out quickly.
Update From Version lower to higer if available. Eg From 7.0 To 7.1.1.

 To overcome the battery runs out quickly Android update is checked back version of your Android newly upgraded. Whether it's Android 7.0 Nougat? Or is version 7.1.1.? Generally quickly drains battery issues Android Nougat much going on Android 7.0 and has been greatly reduced in 7.1.1 .

So if you've got Nougat' oreo, Android P version is still 7.0, try to figure out how or when exactly you can upgrade back to 7.1.1. If your Android is already at version 7.1.1. or when a new upgrade is still a long way can you get, then you should try the last way to resolve Nougat Android battery runs out quickly that you have. This tip also works for lollipop and marshmallow.

 Factory Reset

Clear cache partition has been done but the battery still leaking ? Android is not able to be upgraded again? Means may be factory reset is the only way to resolve the problem. Before doing so, make sure you backup all important data. Factory Reset can be done via the menu Settings> Backup and Reset> Factory Data Reset . Note the warning that appears and click OK.

 Hope with this tip you fixed battery not lasting long after operating system update for any Android device. Don't forget to share if it was useful to you.

Chukwudi Solomon
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