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Best Android P Launcher For Android download Latest.

Android Pie is the latest version of Android phones which was released August 6th, 2018 off which not all Android phones will be getting the new updates, some Android phones stopped receiving updates since Nougat while some Oreo but what makes Android interesting is that you can change your default launcher to any launcher of your choices.
 There are new features that always come along with new updates mostly the design, icons and other features in a launcher that makes your phone look stunning, Android Pie has a whole new launcher design and icons so as to make your Android phone launcher design looks like Android P then all you need without any rooting or advanced Android knowledge is to download one among the best Android P launcher from this post. So below is the list of best Android P launcher for Android phones download.
android p launcher free

Best Android Pie Launcher For Android Phones Download Free

So these are the top best P launcher for Android phones for free to download.

Pie Launcher

Pie Launcher features:
  • Theme support, more than 1000+ cool themes
  • Icon pack support, support most of the icon pack in Google Play Store
  • Base on Android 9.0 Launcher code, can run on all Android 5.0+ devices
  • Apps drawer is vertical mode by default, it also supports horizontal mode
  • Pie Launcher support hide unused or private apps
  • Pie Launcher support notification dots
  • Pie Launcher support gestures, such as swipe down/up, pinch in/out, double tap, swipe down/up(two fingers)

  • Many beautiful online wallpapers for your choice
  • Many options, you can change grid size, icon size, label size, and color, etc
  • Handy Android 9.0 launcher feature: swipe up for all app drawer, swipe down back to desktop
  • You can lock desktop to avoid being messed up
  • Drawer background support light, dark, blur, transparent and custom
  • Dock background support rectangle, rounded, arc, platform or none
  • Search bar support various style, you have the choice
  • Wallpaper scrolling or not option
  • Android 9.0 widgets drawer

Pie Launcher: Pie & Pie Go Pure Launcher

Features of 9.0 Pie Launcher

  • Pure interface: developed from Google's AOSP Launcher3 base and AmirZ Launcher3 base. The pixel interface is used internally.
  • Light and Dark theme: There are automatic light and dark theme options according to your wallpaper.
  • 3D Touch: Pie Launcher offers 3d Touch menus for 6.0 and above.
  • Themes: Changeable dark, clear and transparent backgrounds
  • Icon shape: Customizable icon themes for Android 8.0 and above (built-in theme option)
  • Special icon packs: Many 3rd party icon packs are supported. (Nova Launcher icon theme supported)
  • Option to hide custom application to icon packed users
  • Notification badges: Do not miss notifications .. SMS, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc. Notifications of apps on your screens!
  • Hardware acceleration: Pie Launcher takes its power from your device's processor and provides a faster, smoother and more stable experience than other initiators.
  • Low RAM: Pie Launcher is optimized for low RAM consumption and high performance for all android ecosystems.
  • Power consumption: Works like your device's built-in launcher for very low power consumption, which consumes less charge than many alternative initiators.
Disadvantages of 9.0 Pie Launcher
  • No Widget support that is too bad maybe they will implement that soon.
  • Support for notification points cannot be found that's a very cool feature.

P 9 Launcher - Android 9.0 Pie Launcher

P 9 Launcher is a modern Android 9.0 P launcher style, Cool, Easy & Powerful launcher, P9 Launcher let you taste latest Android Pie launcher features in the first place, it makes your phone modern like a brand new one, P9 Launcher also provide many features to improve your productivity when you using phone daily.

P 9 Launcher features:
  • Android Pie P launcher theme built-in
  • Support 1000+ beautiful themes 
  • Support almost all third-party launcher icon packs in Play Store
  • Android 9.0 P launcher style vertical drawer, with favorite apps section
  • Support Android Pie gesture feature: swipe up from desktop to open drawer, swipe down from drawer to go back to desktop
  • A-Z quick scroll bar in launcher drawer help your find app quickly
  • Launcher Drawer style: Vertical or Horizontal drawer, Black/White drawer background color option
  • Gestures in launcher desktop: swipe up/down, pinch in/out, double tap, two fingers gesture
  • Widgets drawer: launcher widgets classified by apps
  • Huge options: launcher desktop/drawer grid size, icon size, label color, label size, etc.
  • Hide apps, even lock them to protect privacy 
  • Edit launcher screens easily, changing wallpaper, widget, setting
  • Launcher wallpaper scrolling or not option
  • Lock launcher desktop to avoid being messed up by kids or others
  • Unread counts for missed call, unread SMS, get notified just from launcher desktop icons
  • Drawer entering animation: Slide up, Circle
  • Support the larger aspect ratio of Galaxy S8/S9 and other new Android flagship devices 
  • Android 9.0 search bar style on desktop
  • Dock background configuration
  • Many online wallpapers
P Launcher is an Android P 9.0 launcher style with many useful features and tools, P Launcher makes your phone look like latest modern Android P 9.0 phone, and let you use your phone more efficiently. P Launcher perfectly support almost ALL the third-party icon packs that made for third-party launchers!

P Launcher features:
  • With latest Android 9.0 P launcher features, available for ALL Android 4.4+ devices
  • A-Z classified launcher app drawer, it is easy to find apps
  • P Launcher has unified circle app icons, you can select your preferred color of icon base
  • Support 5000+ launcher themes and almost all third-party icon packs.
  • P Launcher has many online beautiful wallpapers
  • Gestures support: swipe up/down, double tap, two fingers gestures, etc.
  • Hide App support
  • Useful tools on P Launcher side screen: Torch, Cleaner, Battery saver, Storage manager and Favorite apps
  • Unread counter for SMS, missed calls and other apps, just get notified from icons on launcher screens
  • Support edit app icon and app name individually
  • Launcher grid size option
  • Launcher app icon size, icon label, color option
  • 10+ launcher search bar style option
  • Launcher Dock background customization
  • P Launcher has Drawer background color option
  • Lock launcher desktop, prevent from getting mess by kids
  • Hide status bar
android p launcher free

How To Install Android Pie Launcher 

  • Download any of the launcher of your choice from the links
  • Open the launcher you just installed 
  • If you wish you can set as default launcher for your phone
  • Get yourself acquainted with the features of your new launcher
  • Enjoy Android P launcher style on your non-Android P operating system device.
 Above is the list of best Android P launcher for Android phones which you can install and have the look and elegance of the newly arrived Android Pie launcher style.
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