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How To Download Paid Apps For Free Android Without Root 2018

 There are enormous reasons for any Android user to want to get paid apps for free, reasons like you want to test the app you are buying if the developer don't offer trial version or refund after payment so that you don't end up buying app that is crap or don't server the functions you were actually buying the app for. Don't forget to always buy the app after confirmation cause it not easy to code an app, so buying it will encourage the developer to do more.
Android to me is the best operating system on phone for now due to its advantages of customizations compare to other operating systems. So getting paid apps for free on an Android phone is kind of simple but tricky cause many Android users don't know of such tricks. The ability to install apps fro. Unknown source without having to root your phone is one of the advantages Android present for it users, unlike iOS. Though there are lots of tips that you need then you can single-handedly get almost any paid Android app or game for free without paying a dime. These tricks don't require you rooting your android phone and it quite simple to do all you just need is to follow the any of the different methods on this article.

How To Download Paid Apps For Free Android Without Root 2018

  All these tricks have been tested and confirm before this post was written. Though there are numerous methods all that matters is that you get your desired paid app or game for free.

How To Get Paid Apps Using Getapk app.

 Getting paid apps apk using Getapk is very simple and easy all you need is to download the latest version of the Getapk app from this link Here then follow the steps on how to use it.

How To Get Paid Android apps with Getapk.

  • Download and install the apk from the link above
  • Open the Getapk market and grant all permissions.
  • Now go to your official Google play store then search for any paid apps you which to download for free
  • Now select the app don't click on the purchase 
  • Now scroll down to the till you see add to wishlist and share
  • Select share then many options will pop up make sure to select Getapk market
  • Then the app will load up on the Getapk market now click on download then follow the steps
  • check your notification you will see the download progress
  • Once downloading is complete install your paid app for free.
  • To find the downloaded apk file on your phone storage open storage/Getapk/apps.

Pros Of Using Getapk Market.

  • No root needed
  • No terrible ads
  • It is very easy to get paid apps with
  • No signup

Coins Of Using Getapk Market

  • Not all apps can get for free using this method
  • The download doesn't have pause and resume option.

How To Get Paid Apps For Free Using Third-Party Play Store/Android Market.

 Getting paid apps or games using this trick is also easy and simple. All you have to do is download a third-party market of your choice then search for the paid you are searching for. Below is the top third-party Android market that offers paid apps and games for free.

Using AppVn Methods

AppVn is one of those great third-party markets for Android phones where you can get paid apps, paid games and moded apk for free though it is not that popular in many countries and you can also get apps that are not available to your country in play store from this app.

How To Use AppVn

  • Download the latest version of AppVn apk from Here
  • Install then open the AppVn and grant all permissions
  • Now AppVn don't come in the English language, go to settings and change it to English
  • Now search for any mod paid app of your choice then download and install.
Pros of AppVn
  • It doesn't require root except you want the automatic installation
  • It offers various moded apps and game that you can't find in Google play store.
  • You can pause and resume your download, unlike Getapk.
  • It can download both obb or data file to your phone storage automatically. 
Coins of AppVn
  • Apps are virus free but nothing like app from Google play store.
  • You need an account in other to download any app or game unlike Getapk market no sign up required.

Using 9apps Methods

9apps is another great third-party market where you can get paid games for free mostly. They offer varieties of paid games and apps for free. Using 9apps is simple as others.

How To Use 9apps
  • Download and install the latest version of 9apps from Here
  • Open and grant 9apps all the permissions
  • Just search for any paid apps or games you want to download for free.
  • Download and Install using 9apps download manager.
  • It is easy to use
  • Download faster
  • No root required
  • Lesser apps and game database compare to others.
  • Installing unnecessary apps sometimes.

Using BlackMart Methods

 Blackmart is a common name when talking about a third-party market that gives you chance to get any paid apps or games apk free.  This list would've been completed without listing down blackmark.

How To Use BlackMart

  • Download and install the latest version of Blackmart apk from Here
  • Open and grant Blackmart all permissions
  • All you have to do is to search for any paid apps you want to download for free.
Pros of Blackmart
  • It is free and has huge paid apps
  • Need root only when you want an auto installation
Coins of Blackmart
  • Annoying ads
Using AcMarket Methods

This is another third-party market for Android phones where you can download paid apps and games for free. This app is not that popular compared to others but it worth the mention due to it unique apps that it offers that you may not find in others.

How To Use AcMarket.
  • Download and Install the latest version of AcMarket apk from Here
  • Open and grant AcMarket all the permissions
  • Now search for any app category of your choice and get them for free.
Pros of AcMarket
  • You can get some unique apps from this store
  • No root needed
Coins of AcMarket
  • Not that good UI design

How To Get Paid Apk Free Using Search Engines.

 It is said and proven by most sophisticated Android users that most great Android apps are not on official Google play store rather on a third-party server which is kind of true when you look at it Android apps like Gbwhatsapp, Frostwire and much more are all not found on play store. So one of the most effective ways to get paid Android apps or games is by searching for the app and including paid apk at the end of your search keywords on search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing and the rest out there.


 This is the best way to download paid android apps for free with one of the most complete tips and steps to get any paid android apps or games apk for free without paying a dime. Hope you enjoy the steps. Don't forget to share with friends and comment.

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