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Top Best Language Learning Apps For Android 2018

  New language learning always come in handle you don't know when you be on a vacation to China, Frenchs or other language speaking countries. Formally before the era of Smartphones, you have to go to a specific language learning school or hire a tutor that will teach you the new language you which to learn.
 All thanks to advancement in technology, upgrades in smartphones you can now learn new languages at ease, at the tip of your fingerprint, at your own pace and time, from home or anywhere at your own convenience all you need is these best android apps to learn new foreign languages for free installed in your Android phone. 
Language Learning Apps

Best Android Apps To Master New Foreign Language Learning.

Learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese Offline & Free

 This list of best language learning apps for an android phone will not be completed without the Google play store award-winning language learning app of the year 2018. This app is designed for those who which to learn Asian languages, this app that takes Asia languages and their many word nuances into account, from the alphabet to that sentence structure. You can also record your self while making pronunciations and compare it to that of the set recordings. Set learning tips when it comes to grammar so that you are not just learning but you are also memorizing too.
 A bespectacled deer celebrates your victories and weeps at your missteps as you match words to images, drag words into sentences, and more. Start with the alphabet both pronunciation and drawing (from guided tracing to freehand)  then move on to practical sections like greetings, polite form, and spatial relation.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

broken down lessons in a gaming form inspired package makes new language learning understandable for students of all ages. With this app, you can set a daily goal for your new language learnings and the app will help keep tracks of your progress. Get a reward, earn a new colorful badge on new achievement levels.
 Learning without fun is boring so Dualingo made sure that you never get bored by adding an owl that cheers you up on every success made. With Dualingo you cans tart a new language from the beginning or partake in a placement test to jump you ahead. To make Dualingo more addictive they added features like study solo or join clubs to practice then compete with other Dualingo users. There are in-game earning that you can spend to get your owl a new outfit or for learning bonuses.

Rosetta Stone: Learn to Speak & Read New Languages

You will assimilate imported details of the new language you which to learn with the help of well detail grammar, pronunciations and sounds. A unique method that makes sure you are not just translating this new language to your native mother tongue, but grasping in the new language you can download audio lessons, stories, and a phrasebook for traveling and offline learning just in case you are out of bandwidth and which to continue. Just like other apps that offer some unique features to there premium users Rosetta Stone offers features that are very important like speech recognition tech, skip ahead to any lesson etc.
Language Learning Apps

Drops: Learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese language

This app comprises of daily numbers of vocabulary with easy techniques to make the learning of new languages simple. Lessons are break down into topics category from pets to pastries etc which you can choose from. Are familiar with some part of the language you are learning skip the once you know, learn new words exclude them from a lesson.
 Drops assemble new words and images match them within the time limit of five minutes per day you can upgrade the plan to add more time but from my understanding Drops is just for word to help during trips it is advisable to use other apps if you want to master grammar in your new language

Beelinguapp: Learn Languages with Audio Books

Listen and read stories from this app to make you understand the pronunciations, without the basics of a language this app is not recommended for a beginner. you can select difficulty level which varies from science articles, children’s stories, classic novel excerpts, news, and much more. A unique feature of this app is that you can view text in two languages side by side.

Memrise Learn Languages Free

With the award-winning Google play store app of the year 2017 in its category then Memrise is worth the mention. Learn a new language with Memrise. Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch, Icelandic, Mongolian or even learn English with Memrise!

 Have fun while learning a foreign language with Memrise. The more you enjoy learning, the more (and quicker) your skills will develop. This is why entertainment mixed with real-life, relevant content is at the very core of the Memrise foreign language learning experience.


Mondly is a language learning company that takes a digital language immersion approach to teach languages using apps on both Android and iOS but also a web-based version.

 Mondly offers users daily lessons, language exercises, and tests but also developed a whole new approach to language learning through digital immersion with the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Mondly is the first language learning solution to offer such features. On top of all of this, it also integrated a Chatbot with speech recognition technology which can help you practice your pronunciation, teaching you new words and correct you when making a mistake.

 As of 2018, Mondly offers over 1500 lessons in 33 different languages, and its mobile apps have been downloaded by over 35 million people in 190 countries. Mondly offers free language-learning courses for all significantly spoken languages, but you can also unlock more features and lessons by going premium in the case you really want to step up your language learning progress.

End Note:

 With the help of these apps learning new languages with your Android phone learning new languages just got easier and better. Have fun learning your new languages. don't forget to share.
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