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How To Play Fortnite Mobile On Rooted Android Phone

Playing Fortnite mobile by the epic game on a rooted android phone is always difficult cause fortnite do not run on a rooted android cause of you can use cheat easily with the help of root access just depend on your knowledge of an Android operating system. Magisk is a new rooting method that supports from Android 5 up, for you to play fortnite on rooted android phone you need to root your android phone using Magisk, not superSu or to make it clear you need to have your phone rooted with Magisk and follow the steps that were provided by an editor chief at xda developers forum.
run fortnite mobile on rooted phones

 This post will contain detailed steps on how to easily play fortnite on rooted android phones on which the developer of Magisk John Wu has uploaded a video of him playing fortnite on his android phone that is rooted using Magisk developed by him at his twitter official page.

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    • Warning
      •  Magisk Canary builds are NOT for the faint of heart. They’re meant for professional users and developers only! The Canary Channel is similar to Google Chrome Canary: bleeding edge builds from the latest source. It can be unstable, so don’t go rushing to install it! Once all bugs are sorted out, the Magisk build that works with  Fortnite Mobile will be released to the beta channel

How To Play Fortnite Mobile on Rooted Devices

You have to read and understand that canary is meant for pro users and may have some bugs. But in you have read and you can wait for the stable release of canary to be released you just want to play the incredible battle royale game by epic on your phone then you can proceed to the steps below

Steps To Play Fortnite On Rooted Android.

  • Open Magisk Manager and go to settings by taping on the menu 
  • Look for “Update Channel” and change it to Custom from stable 
  • Copy and paste the following URL into the box: 
  • Restart the Manager app and install the latest Magisk Canary build. 
  • Once you’re booted back up, open the Manager app again and go to the Magisk Hide menu. 
  • Select Fortnite Mobile in the list, depending on what you want to play. 
  • Open Fortnite mobile from your app list and enjoy Fortnite on a rooted android phone.
  • Download Fortnite from Here
End Note:
 This is the best way to play Fortnite on a rooted Android phone without Fortnite detecting that your phone is rooted. Don't forget to share so as to help others.
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