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Top 5+ Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018.

To improve/test your singing skills you have to check out the best karaoke apps for Android 2018, with any of the apps you can improve from bad to good singer or become a better singer if you already sing before. So in other to learn your favorite songs and sing them with just the song soundtracks and lyrics it is easier said than done.

 Music is a rhythm everyone listens to either your local or foreign music both religious and non-religious music. Music has been around far before the evolution of technology and people always like to sing their favorite music even though they sound terrible but they just have that feeling in their vibe that they can't help but to sing during domestic or some activities or while listening to the music.

Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018 To Enhance Your Music Singing Talent.

 The best Android karaoke apps below are not just to entertain you, but it will make you improve your singing voice and how to sing inline with the sound, just like Smule it has a metric like an algorithm used to guild the singer on when to go high pitch or use low pitch.

Sing! by Smule

 This post is all about the best karaoke apps for android right? you can talk about karaoke apps for Android without talking about Smule which have 100 million plus download worldwide and celebrities like Lukas Graham, Arthur Annie uses Smule with them singing a part of their own songs and you can join and see how good you are. Smule is an app to recommend when you talk about karaoke singing.
  But using Smule requires paying a V.I.P fee of 1$ every month in other to have all its features unlocked. With the Smule app, you can decide to video your self with recording or record without a video. The duet feature of Smule is a top notch when it comes to karaoke apps. You can add friends, chat, follow and comment on friends or non-friend video. You can view others recording in Smule and also search for music you wish to sing.

Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018

The Voice: Free to Sing

Appointed from one of the most popular talent searches in the world, The Voice: Free to Sing is the recommended Android karaoke application. This application itself was developed by StarMaker Interactive. This app is another great app which also requires a VIP payment in other to make use of all the features of this app.
 Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018.

Red Karaoke

For those of you who like free karaoke, the Red Karaoke application can certainly be an option. This free application on Google Play Store allows you to sing duets, add sound effects and much more. Its database of songs to sing in karaoke mode is large and with many features to make your singing better.
Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018


 Want to become a world-famous singer? StarMaker can be the solution. Because StarMaker is one of the best karaoke apps that allows you to do American Idol 2017 online auditions with ease. This app still carries essential features like others. Start the duet feature, filter videos, and sounds and share on social media your recording and see what the review of your singing will be.
Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018


It has an easy and interactive user interface, making Yokee worthy of being the best karaoke application in its class. You can also search for your favorite songs on various music services. To use Yokee, you just have to sing, record and edit karaoke. Next, you can easily share your recording on various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018


Well, SingPlay is a karaoke application that lets you sing back songs that are already on smartphone storage. This app has an algorithm that it uses to convert MP3s to karaoke tracks by removing the original singer of the song vocal sounds. The quality of the audio is not affected by this conversion and with this app you don,t need any data connection to sing your karaoke.
Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018

Sing Karaoke

 Sing Karaoke was created to fulfill your desire who has a passion to become a top-notch singer. You can also karaoke with millions of people who have used the application developed by GO Studio. On Sing karaoke app you don't just sing only from various music genres. You can also save your recordings, playback and share your karaoke on social media.
best karaoke apps for android 2018


WeSing app basically doesn't require an internet access in other for it to work because it works offline when there is no internet access. You can sing your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. Record songs and then edit with various amazing sound effects and filters. Create with your friends to get the highest score and get a free in-app gift from WeSing app users.
Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018

Vocal Remover for Karaoke

When there are songs that most of the best karaoke apps don.t have in their database and you will like to give it a try then this app and SingPlay are your best shot at such kinds of music. Most of this apps are your local language music which you love to sing along with the singer, why not sing alone with the help of vocal remover for karaoke to hear how you perform. This app will just remove the vocal of any song from your phone storage and let you sing the karaoke without internet connections.


Sing+ is another fantastic karaoke app for Android which provides Afrobeat, Hindi and also English music for karaoke. Most of the other best karaoke apps don,t usually consist of Hindi karaoke or many Afrobeat karaoke which many users will like to try. With SingPlus app once you use an internet connection to save the music once you don't need internet connections to sing the same song again you can find them in the library of your SingPlus app. This app is free to use don't forget.
 Best Karaoke Apps For Android 2018

End Note:
 These are top best karaoke apps for Android phones this year 2018 you can definitely give any of the above apps a try if you are interested in karaoke. Hope you find a favorite karaoke app from this list don't forget to share with friends and comment any missing out on the list.
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