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Download PES 2019 V3.1.1 Apk And Data For Android.

Pro Evolution Soccer aka PES 2019  for Android download link is now available. PES for mobile has been around since the beta release of PES 2017 late 2016 around December before it was official launch January. PES is the best football game for mobile both Android and iPhone. This game features the console like graphics on mobile with my club feature of Konami PES.

Download PES 2019 Apk+Data For Android Free Updated

The graphics on pes 2019  is dope but the quality is low according to some users maybe it has to deal with their phone not fully compatible with all the graphics quality. The graphics are like that of a consoles. The slow motion when you're fouled, the camera shows the back of the net and the celebration is good too. Gameplay pics of PES 19  is lagging some users turned on video visuals option I guess that's why it's lagging, so turn it off if you have lower spec phone because the game is compatible with high-end devices. maintenance, Home UI is the same as that of PES 2018 Graphics enormously improved with the new graphics engine "unreal engine" pes used, cameraman and securities are present but still no referee moving in the football field, and color changes which makes it look realistic.
Download PES 2019 Beta Version For Android.

Official Details Of PES 2019 For Android.

Limited-edition "Featured Players" coming to the game
  • Players who were in top form during the previous weekend's fixtures will appear in the game as Featured Players.
Their abilities will get a boost based on the performance they displayed in their respective matches, some even receiving new skills.
We've also been working with PES partner clubs such as FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC to create special editions of their players to include in the game. Be sure to take this fantastic opportunity to obtain some great players from our Partner Clubs and take your squad to the next level.
  • An even better match experience
The PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER franchise has the core brand aim of creating the most realistic football experience as seen on PES 2019 console making the same precise and rewarding gameplay with your fingertips!
 Experience visuals never have seen before on mobile, thanks to the implementation of the UNREAL ENGINE. The graphical fidelity is so crisp allowing you to see a consistently high level of detail during a match, with unique player characteristics coming to the fore such as new skills and playstyles, as well as new goal celebrations. The seemless animation and additional variety, combined with the most life-like ball movement create an experience that represents the real-life sport like never before! 
  • New league licences
We have added more than 10 new officially licensed leagues, including the official Russian league exclusively, as well as the Belgian, Scottish, Danish, Swiss, Portuguese, Turkish, Argentina and Chile leagues. Japan's J league has also been added. The possibilities for building your dream squad just got even greater.
  • New Legend players coming
Expect the great legends of footballing history to continue to appear in the game, including BECKHAM, MARADONA, CRUYFF, NEDVED, GULLIT, MALDINI and KAHN. Look out for future appearances from even more players of legendary fame.
  • New Live Update feature
A new Live Update feature will update players in areas such as their current clubs and their conditioning after playing in real-world matches. Updates are planned on a weekly basis. Build your team of well-conditioned players and show the opposition what you're made of!
Additional changes to be aware of
  • Events and player signings
In PES 2019, you can take part in themed events, including ones based on players' nationalities and current clubs. Each event will only allow certain players to participate, so we're lowering the price of a single player from 250 myClub Coins to 100 myClub Coins. What's more, you'll be able to use a new agent that can sign three players for a discounted 250 myClub Coins.
  • Player signings via trades
There may be times when you own three of the same player, and now you can trade those in for one new player of the same rarity. This is a great opportunity for you to laser in on a key signing, such as a top-performing star player, favorite player, or even current players at the club you support.
  • Expanded inventory
We are doing away with the player and scout slot expansion system and have implemented fixed inventory limits for each of them.
  • Player Slots
You can keep up to 500 players signed via an agent or scout.
  • Scout Slots
You can keep up to 150 scouts acquired through auctions or matches.
  • New items added
We've added new items to help players learn new skills.
And that's not all. Items that can improve a player's positional suitability or a manager's management skill are also now available.
  • Flexibility in acquiring managers
Manager lists will update more often, giving you a better chance of acquiring the manager with the formation and strategy settings you have been looking for.
  • New languages added
You can now select Russian and Turkish as the game's language.
  • Energy system removed
We're getting rid of energy points that were previously necessary to play a match. Now you can play as much as you like without ever needing to worry about energy levels.
  • Changes to player level caps
Every player in the game has a level cap. A player's level cap is decided by their overall rating at Lv.30 and their age, meaning the younger and lower rated the player is, the higher their level cap will be.
  • Expiration Dates for Reward Agents
Previously, Silver+, Gold+ and Black Ball Agents had no expiration dates attached to them. This is no longer the case, and you'll have to act quickly to ensure you get the most out of your Agents.

PES 2019 Compatibilty

iOS Requires iOS:  9.0 or later.
Recommended devices iOS
  • iPhone 5s or later, iPad Pro, iPad mini 2 or later, iPod Touch(6th generation or later)
Android Requires Android OS version 5.0 or later

Download PES 19 Apk+Data Version: 3.1.1

 This is the most anticipated moment for PES players on mobile and it finally here though some players were downgraded while some upgraded you will still have all you players intact on updating your pes to a stable version which will be December 2018. Don't forget to share.
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