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Top 5 Mind Training Android Games You Can Play In 2019.

Top 5 mind training android games you can play in 2019, Android phones have become our partner and we almost depend on each other daily. Android apps have become very innovative to an extent where you can learn driving a real car using an Android game.
 Smartphones of this generation are not all about entertainment if you want you can improve your skills using these devices. Today here I will be listing out top 5 mind training games for Android you can download right now.

Mind training games Android

Top 5 Mind Training Android Games 2019

Below are the few top games that you can play on your Android phone in other to improve your I.Q and mind. These games were designed to challenge your level of reasoning and thinking.

1. The Impossible Quiz

We usually get nervous when we hear the word “Quiz” that too combined with “Impossible”, but The Impossible Quiz game is completely opposite to what you would guess to be.  In this game, all questions are twisted and the answer to questions is never the answer you would think the first time. Answer to all questions are witty and you need to relate the question and think out of the box to find the correct answer. You get 3 Lives at the beginning, which means you can continue with 3 wrong answers and after that, if you select a wrong answer you will lose the level and have to start from the beginning.

It’s a very helpful game to develop your logics and smartness in solving problems, many of the questions are famous riddles knowing which can be helpful to you anytime you wouldn’t expect.

2. Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a famous online game that is being played by thousands of players every day, and it’s also available for Android phones. The Game Play is really simple at the same time it requires high level of concentration and reflex actions to complete the stages of the game. You need to control a Small square Box character which is on constant motion in a map filled with different sharp objects and other obstacles, you need to tap on the screen to jump above the obstacles and dodge them.

If you starting playing this game, it won’t take much time before you will be addicted to completing the levels and satisfy yourself. If you are looking to improve your reflex actions and think faster, you can play this game regularly.

3. King Of Math

 If you wish to improve your problem-solving skills and your calculation skills, there is nothing better than practicing math, and King of math is a fun way to explore maths and improve your skills. You are given with practical math problems containing easy and medium levels maths, the questions are in an interactive way that you don’t need formulas to calculate the answers but even your logical skills might help in completing the levels.

If you are a student of maths and searching for a more fun way to understand maths and get an edge over it, you can play this game, it will stimulate interest towards maths.

4. River Crossing

 This is another interesting game that improves your logical think, in River Crossing Android game in each level you are given with a River crossing puzzle with different conditions whose difficulty moves up the level. And your motive is to cross the given river along with given characters on the small wooden raft given to you. You need to apply your ideas in order to cross the river without getting drowned.

There are many entrance exams where these types of questions are asked if you want to get better in river crossing puzzles, this game comes very handily.

5. Word Winner

 Word winner is a Word formation game, where you need to form words from the given alphabets and word length. When you form hard words, it also shows the meaning of words. This game surely increases the vocabulary of the player along with the skill to connect things and think logically.

If you want to learn new Words in English and improve your knowledge, this is a great game to play. As you move up the levels the words will get harder to guess and gives lots of satisfaction when we guess the correct word. You also get hints when you achieve a good milestone, which can be used on any level to reveal a hint about the word.


Hope, you loved the games listed here, improve your mind along with getting entertained on your Android device. Follow us if you love reading the latest tips related to technology, and if you have any game in mind that you feel can be a great Mind training game along with being interesting, comment them below.

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