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Introduction To Computer Networks For Non-Tech Individual.

Are you a non-techie who wants to dive into computer networking then this course is for you. You can download the video from below.

Learning The Basic Fundamentals Of Computer Networking for Non-Techies

  • Understand How Computer Networks Work
  • Know the Inner Workings of a Computer Network
  • Understand the Benefits of Computer Networks
  • Know-How to Effectively Plan and Design a Computer Network
  • Requirements
  • A Basic Understanding of Computers
  • A Desire to Learn
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Description Of Introduction To Computer Networks For Non-Tech Individual.

Who this course is for:

  • Non-Techies Wanting to Learn About Computer Networks
  • Business & IT Managers Needing a Working Knowledge of Computer Networking
  • Aspiring & Inexperienced IT Professionals
  • This Course Is NOT for Seasoned & Experienced IT & Networking Professionals
  • Created by Alton Hardin
  • Last updated 4/2019
  • English


“After starting a number of other courses about networking it was clear that I had a few holes in my knowledge about some of the basics that I needed to get up to speed on before moving on. This course managed to fill in those gaps in a way where I wasn’t left scratching my head and off reading / watching other resources to understand what was being explained. The course is pitched perfectly for anyone looking to get into networking, covering all the basics in a logical, step by step manner. Also the length/delivery of each video I found perfect – I was able to do this entire course in just 4 days, making detailed notes as I went along.” – Jay
“This is one of the best courses I ever had – well-structured, excellently thought-through and very logically built. The instructor provides clear instructions, the course is so interesting I just wanted to go on and on. I am very happy about taking this course and would like to take more courses from the same instructor.” – Jolanta

“I don’t have a tech-bone in my body so this was a great and easy course to follow. All the info I was looking for was found here plus some extra nuggets. Great course!” – Eliot


Are you a non-techie interested in learning about computer networks? Are you a business or aspiring IT professional that needs to better understand how networks work? Then you have come to the right place! This course will teach you the fundamentals of computer networking and how computer networks work, designed for Non-Techies!


  • The Benefits of Computer Networks
  • How Computer Networks Work
  • Network Topologies
  • Networking Devices & Cabling
  • The OSI & TCP/IP Models
  • IP Addressing & Subnetting
  • Network Planning & Designing Process
  • And Much More…
This course also includes 11 section quizzes and two in-depth case studies to help you test your knowledge as you progress through the course. Once you complete this course, you’ll understand how computer networks work and how to plan and design a computer network!
Size: 3.07 GB

Main Udemy course link below


With this Udemy course, you can go from dummies to advance in IT networking without being that tech guy at first. This course is useful to those that want to educate them self's on IT networking with much or prior knowledge. Hope you enjoy this course, make sure to buy from main link above.

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