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Get Premium Netflix Account Using Cookies PC & Mobile Free.

Premium Netflix accounts for free using Cookies on both phones and PC is one of the Easiest ways to get Netflix account with a full subscription for free with paying a dime. These steps requires some few browsers extension and maybe VPN depending on your previous browser cookies. Below I will show you how you can easily get a premium Netflix account free using cookies method.


Free Premium Netflix Account With Cookies For PC

For this process to work you have to use Chrome browser, I recommend clearing browser cache, data and cookies if you don't have much data on your Chrome browser, use chrome for a good result.

  • Download and install this chrome browser extension "Edit this cookies" to your browser. Edit this cookie
  • Download the cookies from Here
  • Now open with your chrome browser 
  • Copy all the files inside the txt file you downloaded above.
  • Now click on the Edit this cookies extension you downloaded to your chrome browser earlier
  • Click on import and paste the files you copied earlier into the import box
  • Save and you will see green mark to show that it was successful.
  • Now refresh the Netflix site you will see a new account already login.
  • Enjoy 

Get Premium Netflix Account With Cookies Mobile Free.

For mobile to get a premium Netflix account using cookies method is similar to pc but different procedures. I know many will ask for mobile methods cause not everybody has a laptop and most people are used to mobile phones. For the mobile phone method we will be using the Yandex browser because this browser has the ability to install extensions on mobile phones and edit this cookies extension is a prerequisite for this method that involves getting a premium Netflix account using cookies method.
  • First, you have to download the Yandex browser if you don't have play store on your phone you can download it from sites like apkpure, apkmirror.
  • After you've successfully downloaded  the Yandex  browser install and open
  • Now install edit this cookies extension to your Yandex browser Edit this cookie
  • Netflix account
  • Now select add to Chrome a pop notification will come up, select add an extension if successful you will see it in the extension tab which you can access by clicking menu>extension.
  • Copy all the files from the txt file that you download above
  • Visit using the Yandex browser,
  • Click on the browser menu, select extension, select edit this cookie

  • Netflix account

  • Click on the import button and paste all the files you copied earlier into the import box and select the save button green in color.

  • Netflix
  • Now refresh the Netflix page and you have successfully log in a premium Netflix account for free.

How To Fix Netflix Site Error Problem

This is a common error while using cookies to access premium Netflix account for free but that error can be easily solved using the method below.
  • Download a good premium VPN like Express VPN, HMA VyprVPN
  • Connect to any of the above VPN you could get access to
  • Now open
  • Now open the editthiscookies extension and paste the files again
  • Refresh the webpage again and you will be redirected to, select your profile, and enjoy a premium Netflix account on your mobile phones for free.
  • After following the above steps and the same error change your VPN locations to that of the USA.

New Update 31 August 2020

Some users were having issues with the previous version of cookies I shared earlier, there may be two reasons behind this issues, either your browser is redirecting you from to country or the cookies weren't importing fully. You can fix the issue by downloading the new cookies from Here. Then use this extension from Cookies editor. Cookies editor can be used both on PC and Mobile. Proof of it working below.


This is how you can have a premium Netflix account for free either using a mobile phone or PC. These above cookies have been tested and verified to be working as of the time of this posts. If the cookies didn't work notify me using the comment section and I will update as soon as possible, if it works for you then don't forget to share on social media. Enjoy

Chukwudi Solomon
Chukwudi Solomon I am Chukwudi Solomon, A tech lover, I like learning and inquiring new knowledge, and sharing of information's with people most especially about tech.

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