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How To Get Netflix Premium Account Free(NO CC) 2020

Getting HQ premium Netflix account for free is a good deal for any movies, TV series and Documentaries lover, Netflix is one the most famous platforms were you can get thousands of movies and TV series to watch or download in HQ either using your mobile phones or PC. In this post, I will be showing you how to get an HQ premium Netflix account without using your master card or real money. Each of the steps is really crucial so I advise you follow the steps carefully.


How To Get Netflix Account For Free Latest

Get a VPN and a new browser to preserve your identity.

For this step, you can you any of the mentioned VPN below
ExpressVPN (trial) at this link
VPNarea (trial) at this link
VyprVPN (trial) at this link
SurfEasy at this link
VPN Easy at this link
Now download a new web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc..). Dolphin browser would be more preferable Open your VPN, turn it on and pick a Brazilian IP.

Opening Netflix for Brazilians

 After connecting your VPN to Brazil visit using the new browser you downloaded which is the Brazilian version of Google. In this way, the connection starts from Brazil by a legitimate search on You must type “Netflix brazil” as it’s the Brazilian site of Netflix. Once you enter the site you have to sign up for the 1-month trial.

Signing up For Netflix Account

 Choose one of the plans that most appeal to you. Since you won’t have to pay for it, you can choose even the most expensive one. This profile allows you to have 4 simultaneous connections with Ultra HD, for a period of one month.
You will need a temporary email to signup. I can recommend using the following email generators which allows you to generate an email of your choice without registration
Choose a password for your Netflix account, now you will be asked for a payment method the interesting part of this trick.

Payment method For Netflix (FREE)

Pick "D├ębito em conta" as a payment method. This method can be translated as "direct debit on bank
account". You will have to set all values including a bank account number, so Netflix will believe that you are a Brazilian citizen and you have a legitimate bank account. Now visit and create a CPF number. Make sure to set “SP” as
“Estade de Origem do CPF”. Copy the CPF inside the Netflix payment page. Now visit and paste the same CPF, if it returns you with a name and
surname then you can go on with the guide, else you have to go back at the beginning of step 4, then repeat the check till it returns with same name and surname. The last thing to copy is a bank account, and it is the one that gives more trouble, but I have devised a way to obtain it too.

 Pick “Caixa”, “Bradesco” or “Santander” as Banco, pick “SP” as Estado. (Caixa is recommended)
Keep generating bank account until you get one that begins with “001”, “013”, “023” or “037”.

When you get an account that begins with 1 out of these 4 accepted combinations, you can copy the
the number and paste it inside the Netflix page (remember “Agencia”).
You’re ready to start. At this point, Netflix will give you its warm welcome to the service. You did it!
This account lasts for 1 month and can be converted into an account of any other language by going to
"My profile", then "language" and select the one that you prefer.


 This article is for educational purpose only no harm intended if you really enjoy Netflix I strongly suggests that you pay for an account so as to help the company grow and get more movies for it global users, don't forget to share and comment if you have an issue following the process.

Chukwudi Solomon
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