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How To Get Edu Email Free

Edu email is a rare mail to get when you are not a student and it has a very big advantage on the internet today. Many users always finding  ways to get free edu mail account due to it benefits, below this post I will show you few advantages of edu mail and how to get one for usage. Below is the step you can use to get edu email for free from YCCD, the schoolis based in California.

How To Get Free .Edu Email

  • You will need a VPN, I used nordVPN you can use any VPN of your choice.
  • Turn on VPN Select USA as location.
  • Visist 
  • Click on apply now (2 times) 
  • Click on create an account and begin creating my account 
  • Enter there random information (But make sure it looks real, don’t choose for example as a date of birth “1/1/2001 or 6/9/1969“ and remember everything you entered there, you can use notepad. 
  • You can use to generate a SSN. In a date of birth section I chosed 2002 as a year.
  • Everything you fill in should be that of California state (address, ssn etc) Phone number can be fake too. 
  • Use 
  • Enter your email (use outlook or gmail) and make sure it looks real & similar to your name or you can create new mail to match your new profile.
  • Enter your password with strong combinations (Make sure it’s not “Password123“ or something looking fake) and username.
  • Enter your security pin and fill out the security questions 
  • Click on “Create an account“ 
  • Click continue & copy this settings 
  • Select my mailing address is the same… & continue. 
  • In high school education select received high school diploma from U.S. school and any random date in the month of march 2020 
  • In last school attended select random school in California 16. Copy this settings 
  • Then click on continue 
  • Select “US Citizen“ and in the military section “None“ 
  • Click on continue
  • Your main language as English, you are not interested in financial assistance (select 2x No)
  • Athletic interest is No 
  • In programs and services select career planning and online classes 
  • Click on continue 
  • Gender: Male, you don’t consider yourself transgender and heterosexual.
  • You are not hispanic or latino and you should select White and british Isles or Canadian. 
  • Click on continue 
  • Accept all the terms and click on “Submit my application“ 
  • Open your gmail / outlook and you should receive eemails from them.
  • You will receive your educational email within 12 hours (usually within an hour)
  • Open the login link, your username is your student id and password forma is explained in the email 
  • You will need to verify it with your outlook/gmail email and activate the edu email, it’s very easy  
  • If you will see there this error
  • Wait 1.5-2 hrs and try it again, it’s pretty normal 
  • Once you can access the page, select office/356
  • Some forms questions are not mentioned but youcan easily answer those.
  • Congratulations! Now you have an edu email account.
Edu mail

Benefits/Advantages Of .Edu Email Account

$15 Amazon AWS coupon
$50 Digital Ocean coupon.
Travis CI
Newegg Premier
Microsoft DreamSpark
Google Drive
Google G Suites for Students
Microsoft office student edition
Adobe CC discount
Amazon student packs for Amazon prime.


 Above are the steps you can use to get your Edu email for free and also the benefits of having the edu email. If you face any difficulties you can use the comments section below or if you know any other benefits which is not in the above list you can also suggest. Don't forget to share.
Chukwudi Solomon
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